12 February 2006

First Crash

Posted on the Team Estrogen forum. This happened about 5:00pm PST on Saturday the 11th of February.

After a 25 mile ride with my husband and our friend Dave, I start speeding up to catch up my husband. I start moving into a tight right turn up on our street and like an idiot, I'm pedalling as I'm leaning hard... and end up causing a pedal strike on the right hand side.

I'm ok. I have a little road rash on the right elbow and leg near the knee. Plus, my ribs on the right hand side just under my breast is pretty sore.

Silver (as I have just named the Litespeed) is doing well. I just replaced the handlebar tape which was pretty trashed. I took her to the LBS to get checked out, especially the rear wheel which has pretty bad gouging, but turns out it's all superficial. They suggested sanding down the gouges to make sure there were no sharp edges. The inside of the wheel is completely fine.

I can't say the same for the tire. The shearing forces were strong enough to rip the valve stem completely out of the tire (Tufo S33 Pro tubular clincher). The tire itself looks great but there's no valve stem.

I've taken some vitamin I and I'm trying to relax though my husband makes me laugh from time to time and I go "ow". I still need to put a new tire on the wheel but at the moment I'm too sore to do so.

I'm just hoping I'll be ok enough to go out tomorrow and ride but at the moment, I don't think so. Oh well. I still have all limbs and such.



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