19 February 2006

Out and about on the bike. YAY!

Got out on the bike today and did a short 9 mile or so ride (I don't have specifics since it's on the bike computer at the moment). Riding hurt a little but overall my ribs didn't hurt too much. Primarily I got a twinge when I stood up on the pedals to muscle through an intersection or was standing and sprinting.

However, I just felt like I had no energy, like my knees were wet noodles and suffered getting to the halfway point, one of our LBS' (Local Bike Shops). There, I took out my glucometer and checked my bloodsugar. 75! Ouch. No wonder I had no legs.

I ate a banana and a packet of Gu which really gave me a bunch of energy. I guess eating a thing of yogurt (fat free and "light" - 120 calories) just wasn't enough. ^^;;;;;; Yes, I feel like an idiot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Sunday, 05 March, 2006  

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