27 March 2006

How OS X Executes Applications

So, another blogger on blogspot, 0xFE wrote a great piece on how Mac OS X executes applications and how it uses the Mach-O format instead of ELF. I thought it was great so wanted to blog about the blog. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, now I can see why I am not a developper anymore, but this guy is brilliantly contributing to the massive interconnected brain that could be: internet. The meta-brain of this Earth.

Patrick in Tahiti

Monday, 27 March, 2006  
Blogger Melody Bliss said...

heh. Sometimes I feel so behind in the times since I don't keep up with the latest and greatest technologies anymore. I used to subscribe to all kinds of journals (Dr. Dobbs, etc. etc) and would hear about the bleeding edge in dev work. Now, I just try to enjoy life. :)

Though, I have to admit, I'm still a member of Usenix/SAGE and now a member of LOPSA. :P


Saturday, 01 April, 2006  

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