10 June 2006

Second Crash... :(

Neil and I were cycling today near his company's picnic down on a Multi Use Path down in south San Jose. Soon after we had started going down the path (which was fairly narrow) we came up to an area of the path that was partially blocked by cones. I started slowing way down since the path was going around a blind corner.

Unfortunately, a woman on a bike with aerobars (with her in the aero position instead of on the handlebars) came flying around that blind corner and went very wide, probably due to the cones that were blocking part of her path. In order to avoid hitting her, I pulled off of the path onto the gravel on my right. Unfortunately for me, that gravel path ended... Into a creek that was over four feet down.

So I went flying off of the gravel into the creek hitting it face first and I went down under the water (which was a little over waist high). Because of the force of my crash into the water and the rocks below, I had not the strength to push myself out of the water and if my husband was not there, I probably would have drowned... especially since the woman that I swerved to avoid never stopped to see if I was ok.

So, my husband ran and got into the creek and forced my head out of the water. He slowly helped me into an upright position sitting in the creek so I could recover after which he went and got Silver and my pump out of the creek. He then proceeded to help me out of the creek.

We walked back to the area where his company was having their picnic. While heading back, rider after rider past us with only one person even asking if I was ok, even though my face was bloody from hitting rocks. :(

We got back to the picnic area and headed over to the area's first aid station so I could at least get some rudimentary bandges on my chin. I'm very glad things were not worse since the station was not well manned and it seemed the gentlemen who was there didn't really have any idea what to do. I'm very glad that I have had training (it's even current).

After first-aid we had some lunch and then headed home where I took a shower and started patching myself up. I have a bruise/heavy scrape on my chin and my side the size of my fist/palm, several cuts on my legs and arms and bruises on my shoulder and back. I'm very lucky to not have sustained any breakage and I'm sure hitting water instead of stone first helped in keeping damage down.

Silver was also very lucky. She's fine except for her rear wheel which is totalled. Nothing survived there other than the tire (we think) not even the hub.

So now, I'm sitting here watching TV doped up on pain meds and trying not to move. The day started well... it just didn't end well. :(


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