10 June 2006

So new phone ordered

I didn't mention it in the last post but my cell phone was in my back jersey when I hit the water. :( Needless to say it's dead. dead. dead. Long live my old V3 Razr (yeah, it's a first gen).

I've now got a SE W600i on the way. Unfortunately I was unable to ship it to work since it thought it was a PO Box *sigh*. Stupid system. So, at some point, the phone will come to my home which means I need to be here in order to get it. :/


Blogger yukichan said...

Hey Melody...sorry to use an old blog for the comment but I ended up over here from the Google hits...I'll try the LJ route here momentarily...it was great to meet everyone at the picnic this afternoon and coffee afterwards at Peet's...

Saturday, 01 July, 2006  

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