20 October 2006

Nǐ hǎo!

I know I should post more, but life has been so busy lately between work, being sick and taking classes that it's been difficult.

And yes, I said classes. My husband and I are taking a spoken Mandarin class and tonight is the second class. It's just an introduction, but so far I think we're having fun. :) One of the things she said we should do is come up with our "chinese" name... but since I'm korean, I already have one. :)

In Korean, my name looks like "Yoon Chang Kun" (well, I _was_ a Yoon. I'm Bliss now, but Bliss doesn't translate to a single chinese surname well) and it looks like this:


In Chinese however, it is spelled (pinyin) "Yī Chāng Gēn", spelled in chinese characters as such:


That's right, my (maiden) surname in Chinese isn't Yoon or even sounds like Yoon. That's due to the fact that there isn't a Yoon sound in Chinese. It is translated instead into "Yi" (think how you would say the letter "E" just by itself).

Fun fun stuff. :)


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